Why Use Placemats?

Why Use Placemats?

Placemats may seem unnecessary to some people when setting the table, but they actually serve a functional purpose as well as aesthetic.  They help keep tables and counters looking new for as long as possible and help with inevitable spills.  Placemats also protect table surfaces against heat, cold, and food, which is especially important for delicate or vintage pieces.

Some people learn the hard way especially when there are children in the household and that a placemat is a necessity to protect that brand-new table .  Anything wooden, marble, lacquer, granite, quartz, or stone needs protection.

But there is no need to just use placemats during mealtimes. For anyone working from home – and at the kitchen table – using a placemat to layer under your laptop to protect it from scratching your furniture or transferring excessive heat is a great idea.

It’s true that tablecloths also serve this same function but placemats are more modern and easier to clean and keep fresh.

Placemats are also much more versatile than a full table covering, and are able to be dropped onto any surface you might be eating a meal on.

And, with placemats, its super easy to change the look or design at a very reasonable cost. There are so many reasons to use placemats, the list is endless!

Why use placemats, you ask?  We ask WHY NOT?



why use placemats
why use placemats
why use placemats?


We call our custom placemats Polypro™ because they are the very best mats available in the market today. Here’s why:

Start With The Best Materials: We use only 100% virgin PP plastic and print it in vivid color using high tech printing presses and inks for a loothat is superior to printing on paper alone. And, since we use solid PP instead of lamination over paper, our mats will not separate or curl at the edges or corners.

Create Engaging Designs: Our creative team will create an engaging mat design for you starting with your ideas, photos, logos, and graphics plus you’ll have access to our in-house art, templates, and designs.

Advanced Printing Technology: The PP media works extremely well to reproduce art and photography more vividly than paper and the water resistant surface resists stains and wipes clean in a snap.

Our mats are 100% recyclable and add beauty and protection to all surfaces from spills, heat, cold, scratches, drink circles and other messes while reducing noise and adding a touch of ambiance and design!  Plus, Polypro™ Mats are the perfect on-the-go sanitary barrier you can take with you to protect your family from germs


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Placemats Improve Your Life – Here’s How

Placemats for your table have been around for many years, although no one really knows exactly when their use become common.  Its almost universal that people in countries all around the world use placemats for their tables. Recent surveys found that up to 90% of USA households surveyed used placemats on a regular basis.

Below are some excerpts from recent online surveys of the reason that households use placemats:

  • “They help protect a wood table from moisture, heat, dings and scratches. I also like every day to be a little bit special. Why wait for company or a special occasion? Being home and also being with those you love should be something to celebrate even if it is over a simple meal. Every day is precious.”
  • “For two reasons: my husband is a very messy eater (you would think he had been raised by wolves) and we bought a new table and chairs last year (handmade in Minnesota) and we’re trying to keep the dishes from scratching up the finish.”
  • “I use the placemats to protect the table.”
  • “Sitting at the table with just a plate of food on a bare table makes me feel like something’s missing.”
  • “I have a glass table so I always use placemats …. both to protect the table and to avoid loud clinking and clattering of ceramic dishes and metal cutlery on glass.”
  • “We use them on the kitchen table. Mostly, it dampens the noise of plates moving about and sort of signals eating time, since we clear them off after eating.”
  • “My table is glass – the table has a design that you don’t want to cover with a table cloth – and setting dishes directly on the glass is usually too harsh feeling for me. I like some padding there.”
  • “We use them every day too. It was how I was brought up.”
  • “Did not use placements while growing up, but I like them now. It’s fun choosing colors that complement the room. When DD was young, she had a rotating set of plastic ones that could easily be wiped off, some that we pulled out holidays, like an Easter bunny one.”
  • “Use [placemats] unless I’m feeling lazy. Not to protect the table…it just “feels” right to use them.”

We’ve assembled the top 5 reasons how placemats improve your life:

1) They Protect Your Table’s Surface

2) They Decorate and Add Esthetics

3) They are Convenient and Green Conscious

4) Provide Entertainment

5) Increase Sanitation and Noise Reduction

Placemats Protect Your Table and Counter Surfaces

The primary function of placemats is to protect your dining table and counters from water marks, food stains or heat damage.

Placemats Add Decoration and Esthetics To Your Table

Placemats also serve as decorations to coordinate with color or motif themes and for special holidays and events. Esthetically, many people feel that it adds to the beauty of a table to add color and vibrancy whereas they also reduces noise pollution by softening the clanging of dinnerware and cutlery.

Placemats Are Convenient, Green Conscious, And Reduce Noise

Placemats are also a very convenient to keep your table clean and to avoid endless wash cycles of table cloths. Our PP plastic placemats wipe clean with a damp cloth and can be used over and over.  They;ll last for ever but when you get tired of them, just pitch them in the recycle bin to give them a new life as another product.  Placemats also reduce the noise and clatter associated with glass, ceramics and metal cutlery coming in direct contact with table and counter surfaces.

Placemats for Entertainment

Placemats for kids can be an endless source of fun and entertainment and subconsciously allow learning to continue during meal time. And, in some restaurants, placemats are used to advertise menu items, specials, local businesses, fun facts, trivia, or provide games for children.  A marker and a plastic placemat make a great art project for kids and adults alike.

Placemats Aid in Sanitation

And, one of the most important ways that placemats can help to improve your life is to provide a sanitary sound barrier between your table (or desk) and your food both at home or when eating out.  More and more people work from home so the dining table is commonly the center for eating and working making it even more important to consider sanitation. Likewise, if you eat from your desk at work, you need protection there too, so whip out a plastic placemat and protect yourself!  

Below is some research we found on kitchen and table sanitation:

  • The Web MD website reports that….”it’s the kitchen that actually harbors more bacteria than any other room in the home. And these germs — the same ones that can cause a cold or flu to spread through a household like wildfire – lurk everywhere…Consider this: One single bacteria cell can become more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours! The number of bacteria it takes to make people sick can range from as few as 10 up to millions. And infections spread when germs are transferred from a contaminated item (say, your cutting board) to your hands to your body.”
  • ABC News Consumer Correspondent Elisabeth Leamy went undercover at 10 restaurants in three states. She took swab samples from 10 surfaces you come typically in contact with at a restaurant. Then Dr. Philip Tierno and his team at the New York University Microbiology Department lab tested the samples. The #5 dirtiest place was Tables!
  • And, in another separate investigation at the University of Arizona, a 2007 study found that the average desktop has 100 times more bacteria than a kitchen table and 400 times more than the average toilet seat. “Desks are really bacteria cafeterias,” said Charles Gerba, a microbiologist who’s studied dirty desks, in a UA press release several years ago. “They’re breakfast buffets, lunch tables and snack bars, as we spend more and more hours at the office. Treat your desktop like you would your kitchen table and counters at home,” says Smithson. “Clean all surfaces, whether at home or work, before you prepare or eat food on them.”

So, it’s clear that placemats improve your life.

Bright of America® durable placemats give years of service in homes, canteens, and restaurants.  We cater to organizational and business customers to create designs that stand out from the crowd.

Contact us today for more info on our lines of custom placemats and other products

Design A Custom Placemat From Bright of America


We will design a custom placemat for you using your logos, ideas and artwork using our own libraries of art and graphics.  Custom placemats have been a Bright of America specialty for over 50 years and we do it better than anyone. When you need custom placemats you need a source that you can depend on.  We offer the best quality, lowest prices, and quickest delivery available for a custom placemat program.  And, our design team stands ready to assist you with creative designs that have proven to be market leaders.  Our customers include museums, zoos, national parks, souvenir shops, restaurant menus and many other organizations such as schools, teams. churches, and more. Let us show you some of our most recent designs.  All you need to do is to contact us or call our design studio at 1-502-228-8881.  We’ll be happy to provide all the assistance you need.  Have a blessed day!

Travel Activity Board To Avoid The Summer Slump

Travel Activity Board To Avoid The Summer Slump

What Is The Summer Slump?

Educators across the nation warn that our long summer vacations from school in the U.S. lead to a “ summer slump ” where students forget some of what they learned over the previous school year.  For most children, summer means less time engaged in educational pursuits like reading, math, and problem solving and more time engaged in summer activities like swimming, day camps and, unfortunately sometimes, extra time in front of video screen.

summer slump

Psychology Today Magazine reports that: “…a systematic review …found summer loss equaled about one month of classroom learning, and students tended to regress more in math skills compared to reading skills…students can lose up to two grade levels of reading skills due to summer reading loss by the time they reach sixth grade…recent data show that summer vacations further complicate recent efforts to measure the quality of schools based on students’ performance on tests.”

The evidence is clear. Kids do forget skills and knowledge learned in the previous school year.  The key to avoiding the Summer Slump is for families and educators to encourage kids to stay engaged in learning throughout the summer.  In this way, students may not only maintain but even improve their knowledge.

Although we’re well into summer, it’s not too late to start a learning program with your kids.  Keeping kids’ brains active really will make a difference come fall and our line of Practice Power Lap Learners are the perfect solution.  Choose from 6 contemporary designs; Letter, Numbers, US Map, Addition, Multiplication and our all-in-one Generic Board.  Available in our Factory Outlet Store for immediate delivery.  Give those little ones something to keep them busy on those long summer travel days.

summer slump

Lap Learners are a sustainable product that can be used over and over providing hours of learning fun for kids. The full color, large 12” x 17” double sided dry erase boards are portable so they can go along with you on outings, in the car and on vacation.

So, this summer avoid the Summer Slump…keep  your kids engaged in fun, learning activities.  ORDER ONLINE HERE   

Or. contact us for more information.