What Is The Summer Slump?

Educators across the nation warn that our long summer vacations from school in the U.S. lead to a “ summer slump ” where students forget some of what they learned over the previous school year.  For most children, summer means less time engaged in educational pursuits like reading, math, and problem solving and more time engaged in summer activities like swimming, day camps and, unfortunately sometimes, extra time in front of video screen.

summer slump

Psychology Today Magazine reports that: “…a systematic review …found summer loss equaled about one month of classroom learning, and students tended to regress more in math skills compared to reading skills…students can lose up to two grade levels of reading skills due to summer reading loss by the time they reach sixth grade…recent data show that summer vacations further complicate recent efforts to measure the quality of schools based on students’ performance on tests.”

The evidence is clear. Kids do forget skills and knowledge learned in the previous school year.  The key to avoiding the Summer Slump is for families and educators to encourage kids to stay engaged in learning throughout the summer.  In this way, students may not only maintain but even improve their knowledge.

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summer slump

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