You don’t need to roll the dice with our custom dice programs.  Our dice making capabilities are nearly limitless including various colors, tones, and sizes engraved with any design you want. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity.  You dream it up and we’ll bring it to life!  Small minimums on most items.

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The History of Dice

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The earliest dice can be traced back to around 3000 BC, and were probably used to tell fortunes. It is believed that dice adapted from the practice of casting or rolling bones for fortune telling. Ancient Egyptians played one of the oldest known board games called Senet with dice, and during the Tang Dynasty in China, people gambled using dice.

People have long believed that the rolling of the of dice was subject to the will of the gods or some other supernatural force. Even today, gamblers might make a small prayer before rolling dice in order to help improve their chances.  These games were finally analyzed mathematically around the 16th century when Galileo and other Italian mathematicians helped conceive the concepts of probability and randomness.


custom dice Process Overview


Choose the size, color, and shape.


Decide what to print on each side and in what color.


Confirm the packaing and other details and we go to work.

So Many Choices

There are many epic games you can play with just 6 dice per player that involve:

  • Players of all ages
  • Two to ten player games to games
  • Simple and more complex games
  • Games of speed, memory, and strategy
  • Require no other resources than the sets of dice
  • Simple, fun, and budget-friendly

Follow the LINK to play dice electronically online!

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Custom Dice

Custom dice are available in acrylic and resin materials. Common sizes are 16mm, 25mm, and 30mm sizes.

We can engrave any design on the surface of the dice in any color.  We can even engrave different colors on different sides!

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