A Cutting-Edge Solution for Eco-Friendly Meal Prep

As more and more consumers prioritize sustainability, we’re always on the lookout for products that are environmentally responsible without sacrificing convenience or performance. Our new set of recyclable polypropylene (PP) cutting mats checks all those boxes.

Made from durable yet recyclable PP plastic, these flexible cutting mats provide a hygienic, knife-friendly surface to protect your countertops during food prep. But what really sets them apart is their thoughtful life cycle.


Traditional plastic cutting boards have a few downsides—they can’t be recycled, they retain odors, they’re difficult to sanitize, and once они become excessively grooved, you have to toss them. Our PP mats solve these issues in one eco-friendly package.

The non-porous surfaces resist bacteria buildup and can simply be run through the dishwasher after use. The mats come in a handy set of three sizes to handle any cutting job. And when they eventually become too worn, you can recycle them completely guilt-free and order a fresh set.

In testing, we were seriously impressed by how low-maintenance and long-lasting these PP mats are given their affordable price point. The bright colors also make it easy to follow food safety guidance by designating one mat for proteins, another for produce, and so on.



We think any home cook will appreciate the convenience and food prep confidence these recyclable cutting mats provide. But the real winner is the environment, which benefits from a kitchen toolset that’s designed with sustainability in mind from creation to eventual recycling.

Make the eco-friendly choice for your kitchen and grab a set of our PP cutting mats today. Your countertops—and the planet—will thank you!

Customize the designs and sizes to meet your needs. With low minimum order quantities, its easy to promote a business or cause that you love. Reach out today for more information and factory direct pricing.



5 Reasons to Use Flexible Cutting Mats

  1. Protects Countertops – The mats provide a safe, non-slip surface that prevents knives from scratching or damaging countertops during meal prep.
  2. Portable and Storable – Unlike bulky cutting boards, these thin flexible mats can roll up for easy storage and are lightweight to carry for picnics, camping, etc.
  3. Hygienic Surface – The non-porous PP plastic doesn’t absorb juices, odors or bacteria and can be sanitized in the dishwasher.
  4. Versatile Sizes – Having multiple sized mats allows you to choose the right workspace for the cutting job at hand.
  5. Reduces Cross-Contamination – Color coding the mats can help avoid spreading bacteria between food groups.

5 Smart Uses For Flexible Cutting Mats

    1. Arts & Crafts Surface – The flexible mat provides an ideal surface to work on for art projects, cutting patterns, etc without damaging tables.
    2. Children’s Placemats – The lightweight, durable mats could double as easy-to-clean placemats for kids.
    3. Workspace Protector – Lay out the mat on a desk to catch crumbs or protect the surface during hobbies like jewelry making.
    4. Temporary Shelf Liner – Line shelves with the mats to catch spills and protect surfaces from heavy items.
    5. Travel Tray – Roll up the mat and use it as a clean tray surface when eating or working on-the-go.

The flexibility, portability and easy-clean surfaces of these PP mats make them incredibly versatile beyond just kitchen cutting boards. Get creative and they can simplify tasks all around the home.Arts & Crafts Surface – The flexible mat provides an ideal surface to work on for art projects, cutting patterns, etc without damaging tables.

You can use our existing designs for a lower MOQ and quicker delivery or design your own for our team to custom print for you.

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