Why Use Placemats?

It may seem unnecessary to some people when setting the table, but they actually serve a functional purpose as well as aesthetic.  so, Why use placemats?  They help keep tables and counters looking new for as long as possible and help with inevitable spills.  Placemats also protect table surfaces against heat, cold, and food, which is especially important for delicate or vintage pieces.

Some people learn the hard way especially when there are children in the household and that a placemat is a necessity to protect that brand-new table .  Anything wooden, marble, lacquer, granite, quartz, or stone needs protection.

But there is no need to just use placemats during mealtimes. For anyone working from home – and at the kitchen table – using a placemat to layer under your laptop to protect it from scratching your furniture or transferring excessive heat is a great idea.

It’s true that tablecloths also serve this same function but placemats are more modern and easier to clean and keep fresh.

Placemats are also much more versatile than a full table covering, and are able to be dropped onto any surface you might be eating a meal on.

And, with placemats, its super easy to change the look or design at a very reasonable cost. There are so many reasons to use placemats, the list is endless!

Why use placemats, you ask?  We ask WHY NOT?



why use placemats
why use placemats


We call our custom placemats Polypro™ because they are the very best mats available in the market today. Here’s why:

Start With The Best Materials: We use only 100% virgin PP plastic and print it in vivid color using high tech printing presses and inks for a loothat is superior to printing on paper alone. And, since we use solid PP instead of lamination over paper, our mats will not separate or curl at the edges or corners.

Create Engaging Designs: Our creative team will create an engaging mat design for you starting with your ideas, photos, logos, and graphics plus you’ll have access to our in-house art, templates, and designs.

Advanced Printing Technology: The PP media works extremely well to reproduce art and photography more vividly than paper and the water resistant surface resists stains and wipes clean in a snap.

Our mats are 100% recyclable and add beauty and protection to all surfaces from spills, heat, cold, scratches, drink circles and other messes while reducing noise and adding a touch of ambiance and design!  Plus, Polypro™ Mats are the perfect on-the-go sanitary barrier you can take with you to protect your family from germs